An Edmonton Seniors Cohousing Project For You

Seniors Cohusing - Living Togeather, Aging Together

My dream is for my wife and I to move out of our 1,619 sq. ft. home in Edmonton and to downsize into a 400 to 700 sq. ft. Cohousing Community, friendly to Seniors but also intergenerational and intercultural as agreed to by the residents. Key features envisioned are pet friendly for friendly pets; common facility for dining and social activities; a green environment, off site parking and convenientĀ to public transportation.

Above all I see a group of interested individuals gathering to plan, organize and manage a cohousing community according to mutually agreed to wishes and desires of the group. A place where individuals, couples and families grow happily, personally and together.

My name is Roger Humbke and I am a 73 year old member of SAGE (Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton) where I am a member of the singing c and the novel clubs. In previous life I was a teacher, hotel manager, real estate salesman and businessman. Presently I am a learner and involved in genealogy online at

If interested contact PH: 780-782-6277